16 Week Course Will Help You Lose Fat, Build Your Physique and Look Good Before & After Traveling!
When you read this page until the end you’re going to discover how you can always stay in shape no matter where you travel!
BEEEPP!!!!!!  BEEEPP!!!!!!!
It’s 4 AM and my hand slams down on the alarm’s snooze button.  

“Stupid freaking alarm !!!!!!”

I rise out of bed and wipe my eyes.

It’s only Wednesday and I’m in a new city. 

Not just a new city but a new country. 

I’m in Dubai.

“Crap, did I only get three hours of sleep!”

“Why did I set my alarm so early”

“Why is my head pounding so much”

As I stretched, I felt my entire body sore from exhaustion. I immediately laid back down.

“Man, those cover’s felt so good wrapped around me. 
I don’t think I should do this. 
 I’m too tired….
It’s no big deal if I don’t do this now and go back to sleep…
Who’s going to care?”

Is that what I truly wanted?  

Did I just want to GIVE UPon my foolish fitness dreams?
With jet lag on my brain, I tried to remember my plan.

Just 12 hours earlier, I had gotten off a direct flight from Atlanta to Dubai for a four day business trip.  

Prior to boarding that plane, I was working out at my local home gym for 6 straight weeks. 
My body felt and looked INCREDIBLE!

I had LOST OVER 10 POUNDS of FAT by consistently eating a healthy diet, lifting weights and some light cardio.

I felt I was on top of the world!
This trip to Dubai was my first major trip since dropping all those pounds. I didn’t want to lose the momentum. 

I knew I would be staying at a nice hotel so I expected a decent gym.

I thought I could easily keep doing the workout routines I had been doing for six straight weeks.
Well that WAS my plan before the trip.

I told myself prior to the trip that I would do whatever it took to keep making progress.

Now that I was on the actually trip, I had a decision to make.

I could get back in that comfortable bed OR I could keep my promise.

I wanted to keep my promise so I jumped out of bed and threw some workout clothes on. 

Several minutes later, I took the elevator down to the lower hotel floor and slowly walked towards the hotel’s gym.  

As the bright lights of the hallway leading to the gym blinded my eyes, I looked up and became flabbergasted by what I saw!

There were only four dumbbells and five outdated cardio machines! 

Today was a leg workout day and I had no idea what I should do!
That fancy hotel revealed my BIGGEST problem when I traveled.

My big problem was that I was unaware of how to properly substitute my “normal” home workout routine with exercises that produced the same results while I traveled.

Feeling defeated, I walked away from that hotel gym.

On my way back to my room, I had a life-changing moment. I decided that I would research ways to efficiently workout while traveling.

So first I talked to some pals who did Insanity and P90X workouts. 

Everyone I talked to seemed to get tired of doing the extremely intense workouts after a few short sessions.

Then I personally tried a program called Body Of Fire which was a little better but caused me to experience pain in all my knees and shoulders.

I FINALLY learned how to focus on just doing a few key movements during my trips. 
Those simple movements kept me in shape while traveling and I have NEVER LOOKED BACK!
Once I realized how to embrace my traveling environment, I INSTANTLY saw results on the road and while at home.

I thought by performing better traveling workout routines my body would only get stronger. 

 But I also found out it improved my EATING, CONFIDENCE and WAISTLINE.

That’s when I also realized my traveling fitness struggles were NOT ALL MY FAULT.

It was the fitness experts faults! They NEVER traveled themselves!

For years, they’ve been selling traveling consumers products without actually knowing what it’s like to actually be on the road doing their workouts. 

When buying their exercise products, we hoped that they actually understood our limitations while traveling.  

These non-traveling fitness programs were the problem! 

They just did not have REAL travelers in mind when creating them! 

They hoped that we would just buy their products and GIVE UP! 
That’s money in their pockets and out of ours!

That’s Why I Created MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course
My name is Michael V. Moore aka MicVinny aka Mr. Travel Fitness.

I spent 7+ years of my life constantly traveling the world. 

During those trips I was always figuring out ways to stay in shape no matter what country I was in.   

Those business trips totaled at least $120,000 .  

If my company thought a person’s trip was worth that much money, isn’t that person’s HAPPINESS, HEALTH and WELL BEING worth the same or even more?

Building a course that others like yourself can benefit from makes my former crazy traveling schedule totally worth it!

This video course makes staying in shape while traveling so much easier!
What used to take me WEEKS of planning and research, you now have ready for you in SECONDS!

This course will:
  • Tone your body so you will always come back home in better shape.
  • Keep your waist smaller so you’re no longer afraid to occasionally cheat on your diet plan.
  • Give you better body definition so you will always feel confident in a swimsuit.
  • Educate your mind so you will understand the psychology behind the negative traveling habits you developed in the past.
  • Maintain & improve your fitness so you can quickly have the body you always dreamed about.
  • And So Much More...
The Travel Workout Master Course includes 
Over 30 Instructional Video Lessons & Challenges For Getting In Shape While Traveling

In the video lessons you’ll learn:
  • How to plan for your trip
  • How to eat healthy at any restaurant
  • What to bring on your trips
  • How to improve your traveling habits
  • How to use your time efficiently
  • Why food matters while traveling
  • How to make any room into your own personal gym
  • The best workouts you can do anywhere
  • Plus Much More...
Inside the course you will receive WEEKLY Lessons and Challenges geared towards improving your fitness habits no matter where you are in the world.

You will have access to several bodyweight workout routines that can be performed inside ANY room! 

Additionally, you will have access to hotel gym workout routines utilizing the most common hotel gym equipment.

Whether your trip is one day, one week, one month or a year, YOU WILL stay in shape with this course!

Don't take my word for it.  Hear what others have to say about working with MicVinny!

Will B

Busy Traveling Engineer who has enough frequent flyer miles and hotel points to take a year long vacation for FREE!!! 
Pablo Martinez (Instagram @pabl0_martinez7)
Frequent traveler and bodybuilder who made time to send me a quick text (and pose!)
The total value of this whole course is $11,500
That dollar value takes in consideration the amount of hours I put into the instructional videos. 

As a body transformation specialist for traveling professionals, I currently charge companies AT LEAST $85/hr for my advice.  

In this course, I spent over 100 hours of straight up hard work putting this course together.  

I also performed EVERY single exercise that’s in the videos with detailed instructions. 

The video course had to filmed, edited and hosted online. That video production alone is worth $3,000.

Also don’t forget the years I spent traveling to figure out ways to stay in shape. 

If you worked HARD for 100+ hours, would you not expect your paycheck to reflect that?
That’s why this course is valued at $11,500.  

But I’m willing to offer the course for the price of $1,750
If all this did was prevent you from gaining weight while traveling would it be worth $1,750

If All this did was keep you in excellent shape all year round would it be worth $1,750?

If all this did was keep you looking sexy and attractive would it be worth $1,750?

Don’t worry i’m not going to charge you $1,750. 

I’ve decided to only charge you $597!
(or 4 monthly payments of $150)
"Scout's Honor" 30 Day Guarantee
I’m so confident in my Travel Master Course that I’m going to give you my Scout’s Honor 30 Day Guarantee.  If within 30 Days of buying this course, you don't like the course, I will grant you a full refund.  NO questions asked.
But you must act fast because I’m not going to keep this $11,500 valued course at this low price.

Imagine coming back home from a trip in BETTER shape than you were before you left for that trip.  

No more one step forward, two step backs due to vacations and business trips.

So click on this button below right now, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form.   
After you fill out your credit card information, you'll be taken to a secure members area where you can view the videos and exercise documents whenever you want!
What's Next
For those who know that they want the Travel Master Course, I just want to tell you what’s going to happen. 

You will receive a email with a link to the course's sign up page.

What you will need to do create your own unique password and log into the course.

You will want to bookmark the page, so you can easily get back to the page whenever you feel like. 

Once inside, you’ll see all the lessons on the left side of your screen. 

In the middle of the screen, will be videos.  Just click on each lesson.

Each week, you will start to see more exercise programs & weekly lessons appear in the course. 

The course ensures that you master the basics before getting overwhelmed with the different exercise routines.

Still Deciding?
You see, I already have access to the Travel Workout Master Course. 
I KNOW I have a great product.
If you’re not convinced that this Travel Workout Master Course will help you, then come back to this page a YEAR from now. 

 The difference between me and those who will be inside the Travel Workout Master Course is that we will be HAPPY.  

Those inside the program and myself will know how to MASTER being fit while traveling on the road. 

Will YOU?
Will your decision today affect the version of you a year from now?

That’s a whole year of wasted growth. 

If you’re the type of person that’s ok with wasting time, keep at it.

The members of the Travel Workout Master Course will be breaking that unnecessary cycle!

I’ll see ya inside!
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